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Carmine De Ieso has fortified wine running through his veins. He has been making sensational fortified wines (we used to call them Port and Muscat) for decades, and some pretty spectacular Tempranillo, Shiraz and Sparkling Shiraz as well!

As a boutique independent operator the majority of Carmine’s products are only available direct from him in person or via mail order. Only a handful of restaurants around Adelaide have been invited to stock his Sparkling Shiraz and 2014 Stonyfell Old Vine Basket Press Shiraz.

The support team, comprises of “Winemakers – Sommeliers Cellar hand of OLD World & New” Including Administration & IT- who will all be named and featured over time.

Yours, Carmine De Ieso


Udo Ruckdaschel: Vice Charge de mission la Chaine des Rotisserie

Carmine is like the nutty professor” in the Fortified & Sparkling Red World.

His passion and love as a winemaker reflects in his Wonderful Sparkling Red and in his large variety of exquisite Fortified, muscats , ports and sherries.

I highly recommend his Fortified range in all aspects and definitely the sparkling red, we had many good times trying , sampling and overindulging.

You also can see his success in the medals his wines and fortified have been awarded with.

Udo Ruckdaschel: Vice Charge de mission la Chaine des Rotisserie

Excellent whites, reds and fortified plus the charismatic Carmine De Ieso. All good!


Whites, Reds and Fortified

Tried some stunning Muscat from Carmine today. This stuff is nectar from the Gods. Do yourself a favour and try this before you miss You won’t regret it.



The Wine & Spirit Insider described The Henry Sparkling Shiraz as “Youthful and Fresh, clean and bright. Some lovely dark berry fruit, dusty oak and excellent sugar/acid balance”. Food & Wine said it is “Lip-smackingly spiffing”.

The Wine & Spirit Insider

Henry Sparkling Shiraz


“So old, so beautiful” said one judge. “Incredibly intense and long – and lasts and lasts and lasts.” Caramel/molasses aromas and a luscious raisined palate.


Carmine's Grand Reserve GOLD PLATINUM Muscat NV